Andrew Fenton

Journalist and editor

Andrew Fenton is a journalist and editor who can quickly craft compelling work for newspapers, magazines and online. With 15 years experience working for both News Corp and Fairfax he knows how to engage readers and attract them to content, whether in print or online. Andrew's work has appeared everywhere from to CNN, the Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, The Advertiser, Triple J, 3AW, Melbourne Weekly Magazine and The Melbourne Times.

He has been a film writer for The Advertiser, a staff journalist on SA Weekend magazine and an entertainment producer and journalist with News Corp's national entertainment sections, Hit and Switched On. Andrew is also one of a handful of people worldwide to ever get a job after majoring in cinema studies across two degrees (Journalism at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Letters at the University of Melbourne).

Of late, he's begun writing a lot about blockchain and cryptocurrency - for and two well known exchanges.

Phone: 0433 332 093



Rock and roll - the Great Victorian Bike Ride

Wally Sharpe and I are among the 3000 or so riders on the 2018 Great Victorian Bike Ride, which spans 540km from Bright to Benella. It feels more like a travelling festival than a race. But before the end, my bad habit of "making time' by not stopping to rest enough catches up with me ...
How mountain biking is saving tiny towns around the world

From the depths of the Ecuadorian jungle to Nepal, Australia and Canada, a massive upsurge in global mountain bike tourism is helping turn around the fortunes of small, struggling towns. This article has since been cited as evidence in numerous MTB trail funding applications.

Why Slovenia is a cheaper alternative to Switzerland

With jaw dropping peaks looming high above verdant valleys Switzerland is one of the most magical places on earth. Unfortunately it’s also the most expensive. But what if, just a few hundred kilometers away, there was another gorgeous alpine country offering similarly magnificent scenery at a third of the price? Well, there is - tiny, often overlooked Slovenia.

We want more cyclists. So relax helmet laws

The Bicycle Network is reviewing its position on mandatory helmet laws amid growing realisation the laws may do more harm than good. Received 533 comments from readers .

HUH? Hugh Jackman quits Hollywood, fronts Bitcoin scam

Beloved Australian X-Men star Hugh Jackman has announced his retirement from acting to pursue his recent $50 million investment in … a Bitcoin scam. That's according to ' ' - one of scores of tailored landing pages redirecting to various alleged Bitcoin scams and ponzis schemes including Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Revolution.

EXCLUSIVE: Australian company pushes for world first Bitcoin ETF

An Aussie company will apply for the world's first Bitcoin ETF, after accounting firm BDO announced it will offer blockchain auditing. Decentralised Capital founder Stephen Moss told Micky that reputable independent auditing is a necessary precondition to secure regulatory approval from the ASX and that the company will now apply for the ETF within six months.

Entertainment news
Are Twitter trolls killing our top TV shows?

Can a barrage of criticism on Twitter kill off your favourite show? Or are negative Tweets simply a reflection of the reasons people haven't tuned in?

Daily Telegraph
Reality TV is just unreal

Race-based casting, sleep and food deprivation and setting-up contestants to fail are just some of sneaky tricks Australian producers are using to manufacture reality TV.
Women dominate the box office

Female led films are dominating the Australian box office, accounting for more than half of the highest grossing films so far this year.

Herald Sun
Mad Max on road to Oscar glory

The torturous two decades George Miller spent in development hell on Mad Max: Fury Road has been rewarded with a record-breaking 10 Academy Award nominations.

Herald Sun
Carrie's golden tears

The Herald Sun was the only newspaper to cover Carrie Bickmore's emotional Beanies for Brain Cancer speech at the 2015 Logies. I rewrote the story in minutes to make our deadline.

Daily Telegraph
Down and out in Beverly Hills

It was a rough night for the Aussies at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards, with all three of our nominees walking away empty-handed — and Mel Gibson savagely sledged by the host.

Television / Switched On
'Why I had to leave The Project'

The Weekly's Charlie Pickering reveals he fought with the producers of The Project over ethics. Read by 450,000 people in a day on

Switched On
TV's guilty pleasures

Why cats, weird body parts and strange addictions are big business for the networks

SA Weekend
Pictures of Lilley (Chris Lilley)

Parts of Chris Lilley are in all of his characters, but what makes the whole man? And why did HBO let him get away with 'blackface'?

The 25 most scathingly funny film reviews

Film reviewers will tell you it's not their glowing praise for works of cinematic brilliance that get cinema-goers excited - it's their scathing reviews and witty put-downs.

Sunday Herald-Sun
Red hot (Amy Adams)

Amy Adams talks family, her hectic career and how she gets mistaken for Isla Fisher.

Cape expectations (Chris Hemsworth)

Chris Hemsworth has come a long way from the days when he used to tie a bath towel around his neck and pretend to be a superhero.
When Oscar winners go bad

This year's crop of acting Oscar winners has come crashing to earth faster than ever before, with three of the four winners involved in major TV and film flops.

Weekend (Herald Sun)
How to win an Oscar

HUMOUR: We've crunched the numbers, considered the variables and even thought hard about Shakespeare In Love. Wanna know how to win an Oscar? Follow this simple guide


Peaks of perfection

Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland, the stunning real life inspiration for the elf kingdom in Lord of the Rings

A good word

Can you say ‘gemutlichkeit’? Doesn’t matter. You’ll feel it in Munich.

Budapest: When to book a holiday to the Paris of the East

It’s known as the “Paris of the East”, but even the mighty Seine is no match for Budapest’s stunning setting on a gentle curve in the Danube River. A romantic and cosmopolitan city filled with beautiful neo-baroque, gothic and art nouveau buildings, Budapest blends old world charm with bohemian delights.

HQ for thrill seekers

Canadian ski destination Whistler is more popular with those seeking an adrenaline rush in summer than it is in winter

SA Weekend Features

SA Weekend
A taste for terror

Abalone divers recount their incredible near misses with sharks including one man who survived having his head inside a shark's mouth.

SA Weekend
Veil of fears

A look at all sides of the burqa debate that was shortlisted for best feature at the SA Press Club Awards.

SA Weekend
Mind games

Neurotherapy: is it possible to rewire your brain and alleviate anxiety simply by playing computer games with your thoughts?

SA Weekend
Undying love - the vampire cult

POP CULTURE: From Dracula to Twilight, why we're still suckers for vampires. A reader contacted me a couple of months later to say the piece had inspired her university thesis.

SA Weekend
Recipe for trouble

MasterChef and celebrity chefs make hospitality look glamorous, but the reality is anything but as I discovered spending a night in the kitchen of a former contestant's restaurant.

SA Weekend
The pursuit of happiness

We can be happy for a day, or a week, but can we make it a permanent condition?


DJ stays true to his music (Avicii)

Avicii hits back at critics who claim he's "sold out" after a dramatic change in his sound saw him hit No.1 in 70 countries

Herald Sun
Anger management (Metallica)

Metallica's Kirk Hammett is still angry after all these years. It may have something to do with the fact he's just lost 500 riffs recorded on his phone.

'I just say bad things'

Controversial comedian Jim Jefferies hates being accused of going for 'cheap laughs'.
William Shatner reveals his death wish

William Shatner hopes to drop dead of a heart attack on stage. The 84-year-old's not joking about his planned stage exit either — he’s given the matter a lot of thought.

SA Weekend
Just for laughs

I go undercover in a week-long stand up comedy workshop culminating in a terrifying and very public performance.

Sunday Herald-Sun
Force of will to succeed (Eddie Izzard)

Eddie Izzard's move into politics and his 'strategic' decision as an 'executive transvestite' to stay in 'boy mode' in order to succeed in Hollywood.

Melbourne Weekly / The Melbourne Times

The Melbourne Times
Solidarity Strikes

This investigation, showing how the unions were getting around Work Choices, was Highly Commended at the Quill Awards.

Melbourne Weekly
False profit

An investigation into the Grand Prix's dodgy finances.

Melbourne Weekly
Carbon clouds

Is carbon offsetting an environmental fix or a load of hot air? This story was chosen for the cover of an edition of the Melbourne Weekly inserted into The Age.

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